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How it works

How to start using the Freebike?kelowna-registration


Download the freebike application

Choose your country as " Canada ", choose your city as " Kelowna " and press " Register ".
Then fill in the required information, and pay online.
You will immediately receive login and PIN.  Keep the login and PIN in a safe place since you will need it to access the app.


Start the rental  

Go to a bike (you can find the current location of the bikes on the map),
click on " rent bike " in the app,
scan the QR code, then press the brake once to activate the rental and go!


End the rental  

Press " end rental " in the app, or quickly press brake 3 times when the bike is not moving.  


What do the lights mean? 

A yellow light means that the bike is connecting to the server, and a green light means that the start or end of the rental has been successfully completed.
When rented, the front light will shine white and the back light red. When you brake, the back light will start to flash red.
When you have returned the bike successfully the lights will switch off. If this does not happen, it may be that you have a poor GPS or GSM signal and by moving 100 metres you will be able to return the bike.


Riding the bike

You ride the bike exactly like a normal bike.
The motor starts to help when you start to pedal
and switches off if you press a brake or stop pedalling.
If you want more or less power, go to " menu > Settings " in the app and then change the engine profile. 
The new power setting will be then be automatically applied every time you rent it.